iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - OpenVPN

1. Install OpenVPN
On your device home screen tap the App Store icon and search for "openvpn".
Install OpenVPN Connect but don't start it yet.
OpenVPN Connect is free app - £0.00
NOTE: Do not start OpenVPN Connect App - we just need it installed.
After installing OpenVPN proceed to Step 2

2. Download Configuration file

IMPORTANT: Use Apple's default browser Safari.
Otherwise this download will fail to trigger the install sequence described below.

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Tap on the Open in "OpenVPN" link that will appear.

If your browser shows something different than 'Open in "OpenVPN"' like on the screenshot above, you have either not installed OpenVPN Connect App, or not using Safari browser (see step 1 above).

IMPORTANT: Use email address configured on your device default Mail app (from Apple).
Otherwise attached OpenVPN file will fail to trigger the install sequence described below.

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OpenVPN config. file


Open the Apple Email app on your device and look for the email called OpenVPN setup (if you can’t see it also check your junk/spam folder just in case). Locate the attached config file at the bottom of the email, tap it and select the option to Open in OpenVPN Connect.

3. Import configuration profile
OpenVPN Connect app will load up - tap on the green (+) button: (+) next to the WatchUKTvAnywhere configuration file to add it to your list of VPN connections.

4. Connect VPN
Slide the Connection On/Off switch to On to connect.

5. Once VPN is connected, simply load up the UK TV app of your choice if you have already downloaded the apps. When your finished watching load up the Open VPN app and slide the Connection On/Off switch to Off.

For convenience OpenVPN connection can also be switched On/Off through Settings / VPN like any other VPN connection:

Problems connecting? – Try the alternative connection method below: